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Five Events that are Prime Candidates for Portable Restrooms

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Are you planning an important event?  Have you considered the use of a portable restroom?  There are any number of events that are prime candidates for on-site portable restrooms; and regardless of the size or type of get-together, portable restrooms add convenience and a touch of class.


Here are five events where portable restrooms could be considered a necessity:


Outdoor Weddings and Black-Tie Events


Outdoor weddings and Black-Tie events are glamorous and sophisticated; and it's important to carry that type of ambiance over to the personal needs department when it comes to catering to special guests.  No VIP should be forced to locate an inside restroom within the closest building ? instead, an upscale portable restroom would add much-appreciated convenience as well as impressive amenities that would garner rave reviews. 


Depending on the numerous models available, luxury restroom trailers incorporate varied inclusions such as oak woodwork, hardwood floors, stereo systems, full climate control, foot-flush/porcelain commodes, granite counter-tops and more!  If you want to raise the bar on luxury for an event that is designed to impress, luxury portable trailers provide all the posh pampering any guest could possibly ask for ? and then some!   


Private Parties and Family Reunions


Planning a large gathering for friends and family is not, usually, a yearly event which means when it does take place, you want it to be a huge success and especially memorable!  Part of that anticipated success can be achieved when your home isn't forced to take on the foot traffic it would have to deal with if a portable restroom were not available.  With no portable restroom on site, one should, also, consider the possibility of possible sewage backup.  This is where a one-stall, two-stall or three-stall portable restroom can make its grand entrance, depending on how many guests might be present.


For smaller gatherings, the compact size of a two-stall model offers easy maneuverability within tighter spaces, yet still offers private stalls with very adequate space.  With many self-contained two-stall models, all that is required is a 110-volt outlet or generator for lights, heat or air conditioning.  These units often pull a maximum of 20 amps; and water is supplied via a spigot or garden hose.  On-board fresh-water holding tanks and waste-holding tanks make the whole water-needs process flow smoothly ? no pun, intended. 


Business or Home Bathroom Remodels


Perhaps your business or your home's bathroom will be going through a renovation; but that doesn't mean panic has to set in since a restroom rental option is the perfect solution.  It's good to keep in mind that there are times when a second bathroom on the premises will need to have its waterline shut off for periods of time.  Whether one's choice for a temporary restroom might be a one-stall model or something more elaborate, your clients or employees at your business, or your family members at your home, can still have all the personal comforts available to them!  No bathroom? ? No problem!  




Any number of fundraiser events are held outside ? events such as ferret/pig/frog or turtle races, small carnivals, BBQs or church yard sales, and more.   Outdoor fund-raising activities can draw in large crowds; and having portable restrooms available for parents and their kiddos makes for a much more pleasurable experience.  With portable restroom facilities on-site, guests can stay longer since they wouldn't feel the need to leave unexpectedly due to any immediate, personal needs.  This could equate to longer stays by every visitor, which can generate more revenue!


Whether one were to choose basic restroom facilities for a small, intimate, laid-back festivity or luxurious restroom trailers for high-end corporate-sponsored events, a variety of models of portable restrooms can cater to any type of guest list!  It's all about providing portable accommodations to ensure guests enjoy maximum comfort and convenience while meeting fundraising goals.  Let the fun begin ? with no one having to leave early!


Race Events


It's race day; and hearts and minds of participants and spectators are in a heightened, energized state.  The reality is, having the need to 'go' can be in a heightened state, as well, which is why it's vitally important to have portable restrooms available before, during and after each event.  Full and half marathons, 5k's and walks, and bike races, as well as many other events, draw in huge crowds, and ensuring everyone's needs will be met with strategically-placed portable restrooms is not only a huge convenience, it's a necessity. 


At Chemcan, our experienced personnel will guide you through every step of planning this type of special event.  We will discuss staging areas, location logistics, and even pro-actively plan for deliveries of our portable restrooms to ensure no conflict with timed street closings, exists.


Regardless of your special event, and regardless of how few or how many participants will be a part of your get-together, ChemCan has you covered.  Let's do this together!