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5 Amenities You Need for Outdoor Weddings

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Weddings are a wondrous time of festively commemorating a sincere proclamation of love. It?s a beautiful time when family and friends come together to celebrate and rejoice in the lives of their loved ones. A lot of intense planning and preparation goes into putting on an event such as a wedding. There are numerous details that must be taken into account for and many areas that require special attention and heeding. One of those details is making sure that your guests and persons of honor are conveniently accommodated in every way. Securing the necessary amenities for that convenience is very important. For an outdoor wedding in particular, there are several essential commodities that you will need to incorporate into your wedding space in order to ensure the satisfaction and pleasure of your attendants.

1. Portable Restrooms

The first necessary amenity is portable bathrooms. Often times, facilities are not provided by the vendor. It is inconvenient for guests to find alternative sources (such as local businesses), especially if it?s going to be a long event or if they would have to walk a significant distance. There are several companies that you can make arrangements with to rent said facilities for the day/evening and you can have portable restrooms delivered to the wedding space. A wide array of options for sizes, colors, and styles are available as well. Procuring restroom facility services is a fairly simple task.

2. Heating Lamps

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the fall or winter or during a cold spell in the season, heating lamps will most definitely be a needed amenity. Despite the fact that your guests may be able to dress warmly for the occasion, provided additional heat sources will be greatly appreciated. They will make a welcoming environment for attendees to gather around and converse with one another. They will also make a pleasant atmosphere to stay and celebrate in. Rentals for heat lamps are also easy to acquire.

3. Portable Generators

Obtaining a source of power supply for equipment is another amenity needed for an outdoor wedding. Portable generators can be used to provide a sound system with speakers and microphones for the DJ. Electrical chords can provide a way to light the wedding space for both practical purposes and decorative purposes.

4. Tent Covering

Additionally, a form of tent covering or awning would be another needed amenity for your outdoor wedding. Weather and nature plays a big role in the smooth operation of your event. Whether there is sun, rain, wind, or humidity, your guests will appreciate the seclusion from such drastic environments. Tents and awnings also provide a way to establish the desired boundaries of the wedding space.

5. Plenty of Parking

Lastly, parking space and availability is an important amenity to consider when planning your wedding event. Whether you need to recruit parking attendants or secure a lot just for your attendees, you?ll need to take into consideration this mandatory requirement. It is usually considered inconvenient for guests to find their own parking or to have to park far away and walk. If you have to rent a parking lot that is a distance away from your venue location, having some sort of taxi or shuttle service might be helpful to incorporate.

So, in the midst of all the chaotic wedding planning and miniscule details, remember to consider portable restrooms, heating lamps, power generators, tent coverings, and parking space.