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Wedding Restroom Rental Dallas


Are you planning an outdoor wedding in the Dallas area?  If so, ChemCan is well aware of how all the details of that very special event must operate with seamless perfection.  After all, it is a pivotal moment in many people's lives; and the memories created during this most-cherished time are a top priority.  


The food, the music, and the ceremony must all represent the epitome of flawlessness; but there is one more component of the wedding plans that, absolutely, must be addressed:  the personal needs of all in attendance!


At ChemCan, you will never have to worry about this aspect of your outdoor wedding agenda.  With 50 years of business experience in personal-needs solutions, ChemCan knows a thing or two about what families expect and demand when it comes to portable restrooms that must cater to their guests during this type of elegant event.  


Our Portable Restrooms Will Astound You!


It is hard to fathom that a portable restroom could compare to restrooms one might find in a suave hotel; but ours do!  ChemCan prides itself on its luxury-restroom trailers that are so spotless and so amenity-filled, you will find your expectations being not only met, but exceeded!  


Even if you were to opt for ChemCan's standard units, your guests would have immediate and continual access to interior hand-sanitizer dispensers, flushing commodes and wheelchair accessibility.  Comfort and convenience would cater to your VIPs throughout the entire event.


If, however, you might choose a higher-end option, be prepared to be thoroughly impressed!  ChemCan offers luxury restroom trailers in 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10-stall units; and these top-tier facilities include the following features:


  • Air vents

  • LED exterior lights

  • Fluorescent ceiling lights

  • Custom cabinetry

  • ?Occupied? lights, at doors

  • AC or heat-temperature controlled interiors

  • Switched exterior porch light at each door

  • Running water

  • Vanities w/laminated tops, plus stainless sinks

  • White china/foot-flush stools


Whenever any of your wedding guests might enter one of our luxury restroom trailers ? even the most persnickety ones ?  it is, virtually, guaranteed you would be, personally, complimented regarding our facility's outstanding amenities!


How Many Units Will You Need?


If you have any questions, at all, concerning the number of restroom units you might require for your Dallas wedding event, feel free to leave all the figuring up to our seasoned personnel.  Whether your guest list includes a hundred, several hundred, or more, you can generate a realistic estimate of how many units you would need by using our guests/unit chart included, here.


Please keep in mind, however, that your estimate should take into consideration:  1) the duration of your event 2) whether or not there will be more women, in attendance, than men 3) alcohol consumption and 4) whether a large number of guests might remain for more than 3 hours.


Give ChemCan a Call!


Any questions you might have, regarding our portable restroom facilities, can be addressed quickly and thoroughly, with a simple phone call!  We value you, as a customer; and we take your Dallas wedding preparations as seriously as you do! Give us a call, today; and be sure, also, to ask about a free quote!


You can reach our Fort Worth office at:  817-568-2333, or our Dallas office at: 214-935-9017.