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Wedding Restroom Rental Carrollton

Carrollton’s motto is “Where Connections Happen,” a fine saying for an area offering some of the best wedding venues in the state of Texas.

Located in the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Carrollton proclaims itself to be a vibrant corporate and residential community, supported by a diverse local economy with over 9,000 businesses. Community and convenience get emphasized heavily in this city, and an abundance of parks and public schools.

So if you’re looking for a city with a lot of wedding site offerings, you can’t go wrong with Carrollton. And if you’re looking to supplement the comfort stations offered by these venues, you can’t go wrong with a portable restroom rental.

So let’s take a peek at a few sites.

Coyote Ridge Golf Club

Two words: outdoor waterfall.

The Coyote Ridge Golf Club offers an expansive luxury clubhouse and private dining rooms to suit a variety of special events, but its signature area might just be its curved stone waterfall venue. The space can accommodate up to 200 guests and can be an ideal spot for exchanging vows and posing for the first pictures as a married couple.

Not that the waterfall is the club’s only feature. The outdoor scenery included landscaping, rolling hills, a fine stone exterior, and beautiful archways. The grand ballroom can accommodate 300, with windows offering a sweeping few of the club grounds.

The Windsor at Hebron Park

A red-brick structure with an on-site chapel, The Windsor at Hebron Park can be ideal for wedding planners looking to minimize the trip from the alter to the after party.

Chapel designers went for top-shelf romantic ambience with this place, with wooden pews, vaulted ceilings, tall windows, and ornate lanterns hanging from the ceiling. And once the ceremony ends, the ballroom can accommodate up to 300 guests with an outside terrace and granite-topped bar.

The venue also offers several perks, including on-site catering that includes options for a crepe or mac and cheese martini station, a photo booth, and a gaming station inside the groom’s room.

Restroom Access

Now there may be some slight concern about portable restroom setup and usage during the event, and this is where the portable bathroom stereotypes come into play. While portable bathrooms might call to mind images of construction sites and ball fields, wedding restroom rentals specialize in providing the best portable restroom equipment for any occasion. Whether it’s a specially-customized single bathroom for a small outdoor wedding or a grand restroom trailer for an equally grand wedding, restroom trailers can provide some much-needed relief to the wedding planners.

But more than anything else, wedding restroom rentals help ensure that everyone attending won’t miss any of the important ceremony moments because the venue’s facilities have a line stretching out the door. And because of the versatility of the rental can adapt to any venue in the Carrollton area, why wouldn’t you want to consider using one?