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Unfounded Assumptions Surrounding Portable Toilets

(Get Ready to Be Surprised!)

If there is one thing that is true, it is the fact that there are any number of assumptions surrounding portable toilets that are, simply, not true, at all!  Perhaps these assumptions are rooted in common knowledge of portable toilets that remain unmaintained at outdoor events by event planners who place little importance on keeping these facilities clean.


At Chem Cans, providing spotless portable toilets is a top priority; and we would like to address some common misconceptions surrounding portable toilets.  Portable toilets are worth-their-weight-in-gold facilities that deserve some clarification. For example, many people feel:


1.  Portable Toilets are Smelly and Unsanitary ? Not True!


Portable toilets ? both, basic and luxury models ? do not utilize traditional plumbing systems.  As a result, waste must be managed in an environmentally safe and hygienic manner. This is accomplished through the use of deodorizing chemicals which, not only deodorize, but sanitize.  All the plumbing in portable toilets is hidden, and all waste tanks are sealed to trap and hold odors.


Portable-toilet innovations having emerged over the years which means better methods of managing odors and waste are, now, utilized.  Non-formaldehyde-based deodorizers contain 'biocides' which don't just mask smells, they keep the odor-causing bacteria from profusely multiplying.  With basic portable toilet designs, on-board hand sanitizers are included. With luxury restroom trailers, flushing toilets and sinks with soap and running water keep germs at bay as well as help to keep interiors clean-smelling.


Believe it or not, there are everyday items that harbor more germs than the average portable toilet:  kitchen sponges, phones, computer key-boards, money, and dirty launder ? this, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.


2.  Portable Toilets are for Large Events, Only ? Not True!


One will find portable toilets at larger events such as concerts, ethnic festivals, carnivals, sports events, etc., but portable toilets 'save the day' at smaller events too.  Gatherings such as family reunions, corporate picnics, neighborhood block parties, pool/birthday parties etc, are perfect venues for one or more portable toilets. Even with smaller gatherings, it's nice to have one or more portable toilets on-site to eliminate constant foot traffic throughout the host's home.  


Whether an event will include 1,000 attendees or several dozen guests, portable toilets provide the convenience, safety and cleanliness that will be appreciated, even after the event is over.


3.  One Portable Toilet is Enough ? Not, Necessarily, True!


Portable toilets are unsung heroes in that they are not given a lot of thought, yet they provide the immediate convenience visitors and guests sure appreciate when the needs arise.  Planning an event and including only one portable toilet, however, can be disastrous if long lines form due to only one facility being available.


It is wise to take several factors into account when determining how many portable toilets would be needed:  1) the number of anticipated guests 2) if more women will be present than men ? women can spend up to twice as much time in a bathroom than men 3)  if alcohol will be served ? alcoholic drinks, alone, can increase restroom usage by as much as 40% and 4) the length of the event.


As a general rule-of-thumb, one should figure one portable toilet for every 100 people, up to four hours.  If an event would last longer than four hours, one should figure at least two portable toilets per 100 guests.  Also, with alcohol being served, figuring three portable toilets is wise.


Take a few minutes to speak with a Chem Can team-member who would be happy to figure the ideal number based on the various factors, involved.  


4.  Portable Toilets are Unhealthy for the Environment ? Not True!


If truth be known, portable toilets are more eco-friendly than traditional, interior bathrooms.  Portable toilets cause no harm to the environment, at all; and they use far less water than a typical, indoor restroom.  A port-a-potty, for example, utilizes 90% less water than its conventional counterpart. In fact, the Portable Sanitation Association International shares a fascinating statistic:  45 billion gallons of water are saved, annually, simply through port-a-potty usage!


Many 'go-green' port-a-potties are cleaned and sanitized with products that do not contain formaldehyde or alcohol in addition to being non-toxic; and that can include non-toxic tank deodorizers and air-fresheners, as well.


When it is time to dispose of the waste from a portable toilet, well-established companies in the personal-sanitation industry are well-versed on correct disposal measures.  They must follow strict guidelines as set forth by OSHA, the Bureau of Land Management and others to ensure the health of the environment as well as the health of the people and animals who are a part of it.    


5.  Portable Toilets are Too Expensive ?  Not True!


It is a mistake to assume that portable toilets are expensive.  With portable toilets, one has the option to remain very cost conscious and rent basic port-a-potties that are easy on the pocketbook.  If one were planning a large event that would draw in large numbers ? such as as a farmers' market or art festival, for example ? more people will remain longer if easy access to portable toilets is readily available.  More people staying longer means more time for attendees to purchase more; and that could mean increased sales for vendors, offsetting the cost of portable toilet rentals.


6.  Portable Toilets Don't Suit Upscale Events ? Not True!


Oh, how portable toilets have evolved over the years!  For ultra-special occasions such as outdoor weddings or wedding receptions, for example, it would be more favorable to offer the exquisiteness of luxury restroom trailers since the amenities within are, truly, 'dressed to impress'.  For example, flushing commodes, sinks with running water, private stalls, AC & heat (for any season), usage-indicator lights, lovely cabinetry, streamlined exteriors, and more, adorn these classy facilities.


The interior of a luxury restroom trailer is comparable to a lovely, well-designed half-bath one would have in one's own home ? yes, they are that nice!  Luxury restroom trailers can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 10 users, simultaneously, with women's and men's facilities being, entirely, separate. Upscale events deserve the cr?me-de-la-creme of portable toilets; and luxury restroom trailers provide the epitome of spaciousness, elegance, comfort, security, and sophisticated interior design.