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Three Really Big Events in America

America is known for its diversity; and that diversity applies to an exciting mixture of different types of events that take place on America's terrain every year.  Here are three events that are loved and really draw in a crowd:


Albuquerque, New Mexico International Balloon Fiesta


In every corner of the world, hot-air balloon festivals are celebrated with, absolute, gusto ? from America, to France, to Portugal to Spain; and that's just for starters.  In the US, Albuquerque, New Mexico is the world-renowned location where hundreds of thousands of visitors from every corner of the planet arrive in Albuquerque to not only watch, in awe, as balloons soar upward and minimize into colorful dots, but guests can't wait to grab hot-air balloon rides over the beautiful terrain.  Albuquerque's hot-air balloon rides are amenity-filled:  1) a full hour of scenic soaring over not only the Rio Grande, but the desert and Sandia Mountains 2)  post-flight champagne, mimosas, and snacks 3)  FAA-certified pilots with friendly crew members.


If your goal is romantic, family oriented, or thrill-seeking, you'll experience a thrill you will never forget!   The Albuquerque fiesta is a 9-day event that is recognized as the world's largest hot-air balloon get-together.  More than 500 dazzling inflatables with baskets soar over the city's skyline!


Huntington Beach, California Surfing Championship


Surfing takes an incredible amount of balance, courage and skill in a variety of areas.  For those who love surf and sun, the states of Florida, California, Hawaii and Virginia are recognized as among the top ten surfing-event spots, in the USA.  Let's take a peek at California:  Huntington Beach hosts the US Open of Surfing, every year, and provides a week-long competition that lasts 7 days during early September.  More than a half-million surf fans are beckoned to this part of the sunshine state for the US Open of Surfing which is deemed the largest surfing competition in the world!


Huntington Beach is known as Surf City USA; and Jan & Dean's 1963 song, ?Surf City?, only exemplifies the kind of lifestyle that many realized here in a city of sand, sea, surf boards, warm/salty air and tanned skin.  Huntington Beach is recognized as a West Coast surfing mecca; and is home to a multitude of surfing competitions throughout the year.


Memphis-in-May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest


if you love BBQ'd pork and have a hankering for Memphis, Tennessee then you would relish the Memphis-in-May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest!  If you don't think a BBQ could be that large, you might be interested in knowing that this event has, rightfully, earned the Guinness Book of Record's Largest Pork BBQ In The World.  In 2017, this delicious event cooked more than 82 tons of the meat during a single, weekend.


If it's sunny, this event takes place; if it's rainy, this event takes place ?  virtually nothing will impeded this event from taking place.  The Memphis-in-May BBQ takes place in Memphis' downtown in Tom Lee Park which covers an expansive 33 acres, on the banks of the Mississippi River.  People from all over the US make hotel accommodations a year in advance to ensure close proximity.  In fact, so many people attend this particular BBQ cook-off that in the past, all 33 acres of the park have been so packed, people have had to be turned away!