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Three Places You May Find A Port-a-Potty

Most people don't think much about the convenience of port-a-potties until they are in desperate need of using one when a public restroom is nowhere in sight.  When those situations arise, a single porta-potty  could feel like it is worth its weight in gold.


With that in mind, here are three places you will, probably, find multiple porta-potties.


Art Festivals


Art festivals are held in thousands of cities across the US every year; and many thousands of attendees can be present at just one of these massive events over a several-day period.  Often, 10 city blocks or more are utilized for art festivals where everything from sculptures to paintings to metal works are on display, as far as the eye can see.  Can you imagine if an event of this magnitude did not provide strategically-located port-a-potties for visitors?  Take, for example, the nationally-acclaimed 'Old Town Art Fair' that is held in Chicago, Illinois each year.  At this mega-event, more than 250 artists display their talents ? ceramics, home goods, jewelry, fiber art, pet products and so much more is available to cater to literally any personality and taste.  And that, of course, means masses of people who can't resist the fun will be there; and, in 2018, those masses of people will congregate at Chicago's historic Old Town Triangle District.  Port-a-potties to the rescue!  




Parades are about as American as apple pie; and this type of family-oriented activity can draw in tens of thousands of on-lookers during a single day.  Countless visitors will rub shoulders with one another to catch glimpses of all the action.  One parade, in particular, is the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade that has taken place for 27 years and has been dubbed, ?the largest dog costume parade in the entire world?.  This New York City pooch party includes a doggie runway competition, as well as 'best in show' for dressed-up pooches where several hundred pups can let their alter-egos shine while their humans compete for thousands of dollars in prizes.


During the 2017 event, thousands of fans arrived early at Tompkin's Square Park to get the best views; and celebrities attended last year's event, too, including Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake and President Trump, to name only a few.  


The location for the event takes place in the middle of the East Village neighborhood; and chances are good, most residents, here, don't open their homes to strangers who need to use a restroom.  Again, port-a-potties become the perfect sanitation solution for the masses; and that means events can continue, as planned, even when the 'need to go', arises for visitors and participants, alike.   


Renaissance Festivals


Renaissance festivals are an opportunity to take a time-travel adventure into an era when castles, kings and queens of hundreds of years ago were the norm in many European countries.  At renaissance festivals, you might see Queen Elizabeth, in costume, as well as turreted gates, taverns, armored jousting, and people-powered rides depicting a time reminiscent of the 16th Century.


Let's take a quick look at the Michigan Renaissance Festival ? would you believe that, on average,  more than 250,000 people regularly attend this mega-fest that spans 17 acres?  For 2018, festivities will run on weekends, only, from August 18 to September 30 when a quarter-million people will eat, drink, and be merry.  The million-dollar question arises:  Where will all these people go when they have to 'go'? ? Port-a-potties, of course!   


Regardless of where one or more port-a-potties may be located, it can't be argued that these unsung heroes ensure optimized sanitation and the utmost in convenience for anyone who is in need!