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Three Places You Can Expect to Find Portable Restrooms

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Portable restrooms are truly a luxury. And, being portable, they can be transported for use at virtually any location.  Outdoor weddings, corporate parties, family reunions, sports events, construction sites, carnivals and state fairs run smoothly when all logistics have been thoughtfully addressed; and portable restrooms would be one of them.

Flushing commodes, running water, air-conditioning, and other portable restroom amenities come together to form what could be considered sheer ingenuity.  Portable restrooms that keep all types of event environments not only clean, but hygienic, could place portable restrooms in the category of 'unsung heroes'.  

Whether these much-needed facilities are simple or ultra-luxurious, they are at the top of anyone's priority list when the need arises, and no other restrooms are to be found! 

Here are three locations where you can expect to find portable restrooms:


Golf Tournaments


Not having portable restroom facilities at a golf tournament certainly would take away from the image  of the event.  The reality is, many golf courses have restroom facilities only in the site's clubhouse ? certainly not conducive to those times when having a restroom facility close is a matter of extreme urgency.  When image matters, portable restrooms ? whether basic or high-end designs ? can be counted on to thoughtfully meet the needs of participants and spectators, alike.  Whether the event is a local amateur golf tournament, a PGA or LPGA tournament, energy-efficient, flushable toilets and urinals are there when you need them most.  The bottom line is this: if the need to go is great, clean, comfortable, air-conditioned units can be welcomed more than a winning score that is under par!


Running Events


5K or 10K runs, most assuredly, require the use of portable restrooms.  Athletes, after a run, shouldn't have to run to find a restroom; and neither should anyone in the crowd.  

On race day, participants and spectators deserve the courtesy and consideration of having access to any number of portable restrooms positioned throughout the course.  Portable restroom professionals can assist with all the logistics involved with determining how many restrooms would be needed as well as coordinate the logistics of where each portable restroom should be positioned to best meet the needs of everyone.  Placing restrooms near water stops along the race course is ideal; and. usually, one portable restroom should be included for every 100 attendees.   




Concerts without portable restrooms would prove to be a sanitation disaster when one considers the sheer number of people in attendance as well as the number of people who, typically, consume alcohol.  

Concert organizers are careful to accurately determine the correct number of portable restrooms that would be needed to meet the needs of concert participants, taking into account the entire duration of the event.

For this type of larger get-together, restroom trailers are designed to minimize foot traffic and help cater to large visitor flow.  More importantly, comfortable, well-equipped portable restroom facilities help to maintain Department of Public Health codes which are designed to ensure standards for public safety and health are observed.