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Three Locations Where You Will Find Portable Restroom Trailers

Unlike typical portable restrooms, luxury restroom trailers offer the kind of class and sophistication one would expect at a high-end hotel.  Since luxury restroom trailers are top-of-the-line options when it comes to personal-needs facilities, one can expect beautifully-decorated units that include surprisingly lavish amenities such as surround sound, wood cabinetry and flooring, sky-lights, polished brass fixtures, vanities and mirrors, AC and heat, hot and cold running water and flushing commodes and urinals.  Though models will vary regarding the indulgences provided, any luxury restroom trailer is 'dressed' to impress!


Luxury restroom trailers are designed and outfitted to be self-contained and function in any type of environment ? and, cater to any high-end occasion!  Here are three locations where luxury restroom trailers add an extra dose of grandeur.


Beach Weddings

Ocean-front weddings are the epitome of charm and casual sophistication ? white linen-covered tables, white chairs with silk sashes, a bamboo arbor embellished with sheer chiffon and adorned with a rustic chandelier, Grecian vases filled with white roses, yellow buttercups, and lush peonies ? this, and more, set the stage for a breath-taking, never-to-be-forgotten event. 


Today's brides are seeking out unique venues in order to make their special days an over-the-top experience.  A fantasy location, such as beach locales, deserves nothing but the best when it comes to meeting the personal needs of each and every guest.  Luxury restroom trailers blend in beautifully with this type of environment; and they offer every VIP easy access to restroom needs without compromising the elegance of the occasion.  Whether the guest list is 50, 100 or hundreds, everyone in attendance will not only remember the wedding, but they will remember the striking accommodations an on-site luxury restroom trailer would provide!


Cocktail Pool Party

Pool parties where family and friends gather for a BBQ is one thing; but cocktail pool parties, with an adults-only invitation, generate an entirely different ambiance.  Keeping one's home free of guests trekking through with damp suits, margarita popsicles and pineapple & rum cocktails would be important to any home-owner. It is, here, where luxury portable restroom trailers perfectly tailor-fit the occasion. 


Instead of using a home's personal restroom, friends can easily and conveniently access a luxury, portable restroom and experience the impressive niceties that would, most assuredly, take every guest, by surprise.  Though a music DJ, tiki torches, a swim-up bar and potted palms, all, create that very special tropical mood, nothing tops a luxury portable restroom when the most-basic needs, arise!


Professional Golf Tournaments

The persona associated with professional golf tournaments is up-scale and image-oriented.  Having only the best mobile restroom facilities, on hand, is par for the course ? no pun intended!  The reality is, many golf courses have restroom facilities only within the site's clubhouse; and the swell of people in attendance for golf tournaments necessitates additional restroom facilities to be in place.  Luxury restroom trailers with well-appointed exteriors, separate entrance and exit doors, and all the extravagant detailing one could, possibly, imagine offer an ambiance consistent with the high-end feel of any top-tier course.   When image matters, luxury portable restrooms are the perfect solution!