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Three Little-Known Features of Portable Restrooms

Many people have preconceived notions about portable restrooms; and portable restrooms, by some, continue to get a bad rap due to unaddressed misconceptions.  The days of smelly, unclean portable bathrooms are long gone, thank goodness!  The plain and primitive portable toilets of the past have given way to clean, sanitized basic port-a-potties all the way up to luxury restroom trailers that offer pampering amenities one would find in one's own bathroom, at home.  Innovations in the portable -restroom industry have made incredible strides! 

Here are three little-known features you can find in modern, portable restrooms that give users a feeling of true and unexpected comfort and convenience!

Portable Restrooms Have Flushing Toilets

Many would not expect to find flushing toilets in portable restrooms; but these amenities are common in many models.  Hands-free, foot-flush commodes are designed to promote the ultimate in sanitation, cleanliness and convenience.  In fact, some portable restrooms, even, include men's urinals.  Chem Can's offers luxury restroom trailers with, both, china foot-flush toilets and urinals. 

But did you know that waterless urinals can be included in portable restrooms, too?  Yes, indeed!  Chem Cans offers this amenity in select models; and the functioning of waterless urinals involves an oil-based liquid that acts as a sealant and traps the urine and odors in a low-oxygen environment in an unseen reservoir. Waterless urinals have been around for a number of years and emerged as early as 1991.  Many public restrooms around the world utilize waterless urinals which promote water conservation.

Here's an interesting fact from Portable Sanitation Association International:  45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved each year through the use of portable restrooms; and a portable toilet uses 90% less water than its conventional counterpart.  With only 3% of the world's water being fresh (the rest is salt water), portable restrooms do their part to conserve our planet's precious fresh-water supply. 

Portable Restrooms Have Sinks W/ Running Water

Stainless-steel sinks with running water is an unexpected feature that surprise many who might step inside a portable luxury restroom trailer for the first time!  With running water, soap dispensers and paper towels on-board, users can receive and feel a true sense of cleanliness.  

Usually, the water source to accommodate portable restroom faucets comes from a standard, on-site garden-hose water spigot ? easy deal!  Trailers with flushing toilets and running water require an external water source; but if that type of water source is not an option, large water-reservoir tanks can be brought in by the portable restroom company. 

Portable Restrooms Have Climate Control
When you want your event to be impressive and classy, the last thing you need is to expect guests to use restrooms that are, either, too hot or too cold.  To remedy this, portable restroom trailers are equipped with the ability to provide refreshing air conditioning during hotter months and soothing heat during colder times.  Outdoor events in Texas take place all year 'round; and having portable restrooms to deal with the varying seasons is a definite plus! It's all about your VIPs feeling pampered and comfortable; and with Chem Cans' climate-controlled portable restrooms, the needs of all your guests will be met in comfort and style, anytime of year!

Portable restrooms have evolved, tremendously, since they were first used in the United States for shipyard workers during the 1940's.  Even a detail, such as the addressing of odors, has been effectively managed with non-formaldehyde-based deodorizers as well as biocides that don't just mask odors but keep odor-causing bacteria from multiplying.  The evolution of portable restrooms has not involved just  functional and aesthetic features, but actual science is behind the performance of these amazing unsung heroes, as well.  The little-known features found in modern portable restrooms are, indeed, quite impressive!