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Three Common Misconceptions about Porta-Potties

Porta-potties, in the US, made their official debut during the 1940's when temporary porta-potties were installed on ships in the shipyards of Long Beach, California.  Though these early 'ancestors' of today's porta-potties were bulky and very difficult to keep clean; they, nonetheless, accomplished an important goal:  the idea was to save valuable productivity time by locating porta-potties in close proximity to the ship-workers so they wouldn't be forced to walk to and from the docks, just to use the available  restrooms.


Porta-potties have changed a good deal since then; but misconceptions concerning these convenient commodes have, unfortunately, evolved, as well. Perhaps you, too, have preconceived notions about porta-potties that may not be, entirely, accurate.


Here are three common myths about porta-potties that many believe to be true:


Porta-Potties Are Smelly and Not Clean

Whether you walk into a restroom of a restaurant or a mall, the sanitary condition of the respective restrooms will correspond to how well the maintenance crew keeps them clean.  Poor maintenance will lead to unsanitary conditions; and for ChemCans, this would be unacceptable.  As long as porta-potties are not abused with an overflow of use by attendees, porta-potties will remain hygenic.  The cleanliness of a porta-potty is directly related to the users as opposed to any inadequacy of the units, themselves.  To prevent overuse of any porta-potty, renting an adequate number of units for a particular event is very important, and is explained in more detail, below. 


At ChemCans, our porta-potties are, always, clean and sanitized ? inside and out ? so each unit smells fresh, looks super-clean, and would pass the 'white glove' test from even the most-discriminating attendee.  Some porta-potties are equipped with efficient ventilation systems to force odors away while the units are in use.  Keeping ChemCans' units fresh and readily available for any event is our promise to you!


Porta-Potties Don't Allow for Hand-Washing

Being able to keep one's hands clean after restroom use is of the utmost importance.  ChemCans offers porta-potties with standard sanitizer pumps mounted on the inside walls; and some units feature on-board sinks.  One can, also, rent additional hand-sanitizer stations as well as hand-washing stations to encourage the highest-degree of sanitation is being offered to anyone, during any event.


One or Two Porta-Potties is All One Would Need

Not having enough porta-potties available for a festival, church gathering or carnival means too few units would be overused, which could lead to unintended consequences.  For small events, a single porta-pottie might be sufficient; but having an adequate number of available porta-potties should be in direct proportion to the number of people attending an event.    ChemCans offers an event planning guide to help you determine how many portable units you would, comfortably need.  Our representatives can, also, provide a quote over the phone regarding the number of porta-potties you would require ? eliminating any guesswork!

Porta-potties, of today, offer far more than they did from, even, a mere 10 years ago; and any misconceptions regarding the more-primitive porta-potties from decades past are, simply, no longer applicable.  ChemCans offers an expansive fleet of portable toilet units which runs the gamut from basic toilet rentals to over-the-top luxury restroom trailers where high-end amenities come standard!