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Three Amenities to Offer Your VIPs at Your Event

Regardless of the type of event you might be planning, the goal is to ensure that every guest will have a delightful time and that guests will talk about how you catered to them, long after the party is over.


You want everything to be exquisitely perfect; and if guests feel genuinely welcomed and, even, pampered, you will gain a reputation for being a top-tier host or hostess.  Here are three ways you can cater to your VIPs at your next event to impress everyone, including the most-difficult-to-please personality types.


Keep VIPs Mosquito-Free


Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they can carry diseases ? they can, also, ruin a party!  Here are a few ways to keep your guests pest-free:  1) light citronella candles 2) use repeller lanterns and 2) give each guest a deet-free, insect-repelling wristband.


Citronella candles are safe and non-toxic and are, often, contained in small buckets for easy placement at any location.  The oil of citronella masks the smells of humans, which is what mosquitoes are attracted to.  As a result, mosquitoes will search, elsewhere, for more 'aromatic' people.


Lanterns that repel mosquitoes, also repel a variety of other biting insects.  A protection zone, generated  by the lanterns ? often a minimum of 15' X 15'  ? allows guests to enjoy bug-free comfort.  A non-toxic repellent is powered by a butane cartridge; and it is the butane which provides the cordless, portable heat that activates the devices.        


Non-toxic, plant-derived insect-repellent bands can be purchased at hardware stores and discount department stores, everywhere.  Theses air-activated gadgets are, usually, only a dollar a piece: they fit any-sized wrist: they are effective up to 100 hours: and they are waterproof.  It's a little thing, but each time a wrist-band is handed to a guest, be assured each guest will remember you for your thoughtfulness!


Keep VIP's Children Entertained


If your event includes children, the key to keeping your sanity is keeping those little angels busy and active ? out of the house!  Have at least a couple entertainment options on hand that all kids love:  bubble blowers, a slip-and-slide, a sprinkler, and hiring a kids' party-entertainer is a nice option, even if just for an hour or two.  Your party will rock with the presence of a magician, a juggler, a face-painter, or a balloon sculpture artist.  Your adult guests will not, soon, forget how you went the extra mile to keep their kiddos happy and entertained, allowing them to sit back and relax with a favorite drink or two!


Keep VIP's Personal Needs, Continuously, Met


Your event is intended to be an outdoor affair, but your home's interior could suffer by taking on high-traffic along with the possibility of spilled food and drinks and, even, a clogged toilet.  This can, easily, happen when dozens of restroom visits take place inside your home.  The perfect solution to this dilemma is utilizing one or more portable restrooms during your event.  Portable restrooms can be quite basic with flushing commodes and hand-sanitizers; and, then, there are portable restroom trailers that are strikingly elegant and would add a distinctive touch of class to your event.  Amenities within a luxury restroom trailer can include niceties most people would never expect ? AC or heat, custom cabinetry, vanities with laminated tops, sinks with running hot and cold water, hands-free/foot-flush stools, porch lighting at each door, and more!


At ChemCans, our portable restrooms' immaculate, completely-sanitized interiors are guaranteed to meet or exceed expectations of not only the host or hostess, but the guests, as well!  ChemCan's portable restroom facilities ? whether standard or high-end ? serve as an event-planning amenity that offers comfort, security and immense convenience!