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Surprising Amenities You'll Find in a Luxury Restroom Vanity Area

Hosting an elegant event is a big deal; and you want the experience for all your guests to be extremely enjoyable and memorable.  Luxury restroom trailers provide amenities that will impress even the most selective VIP including wood flooring, flushing commodes, hot and cold running water, beautiful cabinetry, lovely vanities with mirrors, fresh flowers and more!  Whether you will be hosting an outdoor wedding, a corporate event or planning a golfing tournament, luxury restroom trailers should be a key component to ensure every guests' immediate needs are continuously met in stylish, pampered comfort.

The vanity area, alone, in a luxury restroom trailer can include a whole host of of niceties, including the following:


Custom Cabinetry

Various models of luxury restroom trailers will offer different types of custom cabinetry; but one can expect solid oak doors with raised, panel designs which provide a classic, traditional look.  To add an even more sophisticated appearance, screwed joints and adjustable hinges are usually hidden from view, providing a clean, seamless design.  Furniture-quality finishes add beauty and warmth.


Vanity Mirrors

Larger luxury restroom trailers will include double-wide vanity mirrors in order to accommodate a number of lovely ladies who may wish to freshen up, simultaneously.  Double-wide mirrors are especially convenient before or after an outdoor wedding; and they work double-duty by creating a feeling of spaciousness to the restroom's interior.  Some vanity mirrors are framed with multiple LED bulbs that add a dramatic Hollywood flair.


Granite Counter-tops

Granite counter-tops in luxury restroom trailers are not uncommon.  This elegant stone material is available in a variety of colors and textures that will create a dynamic impression as soon as your guests enter the lavish loo you have provided for them!  Whether solid, marbled or speckled patterns, granite is the epitome of class and timeless beauty and adds a high-end feel to any luxury restroom vanity area.  


Double Sinks with Hot & Cold Water

Some luxury restroom trailers can include double glass-vessel sinks that provide a striking dimension to any vanity area.  Other sink types can include drop-in designs made from satin-finish stainless steel, china or porcelain ? all, of which, add classic good looks as well as the comforts of home with hot and cold running water.


Wood Flooring

Vanity areas of luxurious restroom trailers may include hardwood flooring; and bamboo or cork might be the materials of choice due to their lightweight and, of course, good looks.  Solid, waterproof engineered hardwood floors are popular in vanity areas, as well, and are a logical option for restroom trailers since this type of product is highly-resistant to moisture.  Engineered wood flooring is constructed of multiple-layers of wood or wood products, topped with a solid wood layer, such as oak or hickory, for example.  These floors add warmth and character to any restroom interior!


Fresh Flowers

Class and sophistication come standard with luxury restroom trailers; and when a vase or two of freshly-cut flowers are included in the mix, sweet aroma and a burst of dynamic colors adds to the already-lovely ambiance.  Hearty varieties of flowers will last long after the event is over; and one can expect to see vases filled with Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Dahlias, Cherry Zinnias, Peonies and/or Lilies.  Even the most persnickety guest will be impressed when vanity tops are embellished with these natural beauties!


Family and friends will feel right at home when luxury restroom trailers are part of any high-end event.  Immaculate craftsmanship and striking interior designs are intended to offer the utmost in comfort, class and convenience!  Luxury restroom trailers include amenities most people would never, ever imagine!