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Special Events Restroom Trailers Richardson

Are you planning a special outdoor event in Richardson?  If so, we know how you want every detail to unfold with seamless perfection.  You want this event to be remembered!  Perhaps you are planning a milestone anniversary, an adults-only pool party, a much-anticipated family reunion, or an outdoor wedding reception ? whatever the occasion might be, there is one very important consideration that can't be overlooked:  accommodating the needs of all your guests.


With a lot of guests, come a lot of bathroom visits.  If your VIPs will be using your indoor bathroom, you risk the possibility of spilled drinks or dropped plates of food on carpeting and furnishings and, even, the possibility of clogged toilets.  The beautiful solution to eliminating these unintended consequences is having ChemCans' special-events restroom trailers, on-site, in a discreet location.


Your guests will feel safe, secure, and pampered; and they may find the amenities within ChemCans' restroom trailers unexpectedly posh and elegant.  It's all about convenience with a huge dose of up-scale ambiance!


Special Events Trailers ? Above and Beyond the Norm


For almost a half-century, ChemCans has been a recognized leader in the personal-needs industry.  Our spotless restroom trailers, professional team members, and unsurpassed customer care continue to allow us to take the lead as we serve the needs of our Richardson clientele.  Our goal is to meet and exceed expectations, whether your gathering is big or small.  At ChemCans, we know image matters; and we place as much importance on that as you do.


ChemCans' special-events restroom trailers offer a host of amenities, including:


***  Air vents

***  Fluorescent ceiling lights

***  Rich cabinetry

***  Simulated-wood flooring

***  Chair railing and baseboards

***  ?Occupied? lights, at doors

***  Temperature-controlled interiors ? AC and heat

***  Running water

***  Vanities w/laminated tops and stainless sinks

***  White-china/foot-flush stools

***  Hand railing by each outside entrance

***  LED exterior lighting


ChemCans offers special-events restroom trailers in various configurations where 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 stall units will meet any-sized gathering.  Your thoughtfulness will be, long, remembered by providing a simple convenience on a grand scale!


Calculating the Number of Units


Within minutes, a ChemCans' representative can determine how many restroom units will best serve your particular need.  Aside from the obvious consideration of how many attendees are expected, the calculation should also include: 1) the restroom's capacity to eliminate long lines 2) your event's duration 3) the number of guests who might remain more than 3 hours 4) having more women, in attendance, than men and 5) alcoholic beverages being served.


Here is an interesting side-note from Medical Daily:  Alcohol consumption, alone, can increase restroom usage by as much as 40%!


Give ChemCans a Call!


Call our office today and allow us to address any inquiries you might have!  ChemCans' special-event restroom trailers are ready whenever you are ? peace of mind is only a phone call away!    


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