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Special-Events Restroom Trailers in Lewisville

If you are planning an outdoor event in Lewisville, your goal is to ensure that every detail plays out, seamlessly.  Image does matter; and with ChemCans' special-events restroom trailers, image takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to accommodating your guests' restroom needs.  ChemCans' portable restroom trailers are designed with beautiful amenities that will not only surprise your guests, but impress them.  Lovely interiors will make your VIPs feel pampered and right at home!


Perhaps you are planning a long-awaited family reunion, a 21st birthday party, a milestone anniversary,  or anything in-between ? regardless of the event, your home's interior can take a beating.   You can, however, make sure your home doesn't take on the brunt of continual foot-traffic or, even, spilled drinks and food ? the solution is easy with ChemCans' special-events restroom trailers, in place.  Again, image does matter; and your guests will be assured a comfortable, safe, and welcoming restroom experience.  ChemCans' portable restroom trailers will add a noticeably-distinctive touch of class to your occasion ?  it's all about convenience and luxurious ambiance wrapped up in one impressive package!

Special Events Trailers ? Surprising Niceties

ChemCans is proud of its nearly-50-year history of expertise in the personal-needs industry.  Our immaculate restroom trailers, our committed team-members, and our dedicated customer care all combine to maintain our lead in the very competitive personal-needs arena.

With ChemCans' special-events restroom trailers at your Lewisville event, your guests will more than appreciate a host of amenities, including:

***  Air vents

***  Fluorescent ceiling lights

***  Rich cabinetry

***  Simulated-wood flooring

***  Chair railing and baseboards

***  ?Occupied? lights, at doors

***  Temperature-controlled interiors ? AC and heat

***  Running water

***  Vanities w/laminated tops and stainless sinks

***  White-china/foot-flush stools

***  Hand railing by each outside entrance

***  LED exterior lighting


ChemCans' special-events restroom trailers are available in various designs where 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 stall units will meet the needs of any-sized event.  And after it's all said and done, your thoughtful consideration for your guests will be, long, remembered!

Calculating the Number of Units

To assure an accurate estimate of how many restroom units you might need, simply allow one of ChemCans' representatives to do the calculating for you.  Within minutes, you will have an idea of what you should plan for.

When determining numbers, the obvious consideration would be the number of anticipated guests; but other factors need to be included, as well: 1) the restroom's capacity to eliminate long lines 2) your event's duration 3) the number of guests who might remain more than 3 hours 4) having more women, in attendance, than men and 5) alcoholic beverages being served.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia from Medical Daily:  Alcohol consumption, alone, can increase restroom usage by as much as 40%!

Contact ChemCans, Today!

ChemCans will address any inquiries you might have, right over the phone.  Our special-event restroom trailers are ready whenever you are!  Let peace-of-mind, begin!     

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