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Special-Events Restroom Trailers Fort Worth

If you are planning an up-and-coming special event in Fort Worth, there is one thing that is certain:  you want it to be perfect! Perhaps, you are planning an elegant outdoor wedding, a 50th Anniversary, a much-anticipated graduation, a Sweet-16 birthday, or any other type of gathering where life-long memories will be created.  Whether your guest list is 50, 100, or 500 or more, the logistics involved with all the planning can feel overwhelming.  

Aside from the myriad of other planning details, there is one aspect of your event you, simply, cannot overlook:  the personal needs of all your guests. Your home may have one bathroom or several; however, foot traffic throughout your home and the possibility of spilled food & drinks as well as clogged toilets can be a concern.  The solution to all this, and your peace of mind, is ChemCan's beautiful restroom trailers!    

ChemCan's Restroom Trailers are Impressive!


ChemCan prides itself on its almost 50-year reputation of excellence ? high-quality portable restroom facilities, dedicated customer-care, and unsurpassed expertise in the personal-needs industry.  It is ChemCan's goal to, always, meet our clients' expectations as well as exceed them! Our restroom trailers are 'dressed' to impress and offer amenities your guests will find, delightfully, surprising!  Unexpected niceties will cater to your guests' privacy, comfort and security ? they will feel pampered when they take their first step inside one of ChemCan's restroom trailers.


ChemCan's restroom trailers include:


  • Air vents

  • LED exterior lights

  • Fluorescent ceiling lights

  • Rich cabinetry

  • ?Occupied? lights, at doors

  • Temperature-controlled interiors ? AC and heat

  • Switched exterior porch lights

  • Running water

  • Vanities w/laminated tops and stainless sinks

  • White china/foot-flush stools


Our restroom trailers are equipped with 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 stalls, with an interior ambiance that is discreet, sophisticated, and spotlessly clean.  Your gathering will be remembered for the event, itself, as well as for your thoughtfulness in going that extra mile to cater to every guests' personal needs!


How Many Units Will Your Event Require?


If you want an instant calculation of how many restroom trailers your event would require, our personnel would be happy to assist you.  The obvious consideration regarding the number of units you would require is the number of attendees; though other considerations should be taken into account, as well: 1) the restroom's capacity to eliminate long lines 2) your event's duration 3) the number of guests who might remain for more than 3 hours 4) having more women, in attendance, than men and 5) alcoholic beverages being served.  An interesting side-note: when food and alcohol are served, increased usage of restroom facilities rises by almost 13%.


Give Us a Call!


Allow our experienced representatives to address any inquiries you might have!  Within minutes, you'll have an idea of what to expect and breathe easier knowing ChemCan's restroom trailers are ready whenever you are!  


You can reach our Fort Worth office at:  817-568-2333 or our Dallas office at: 214-935-9017