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Special Events Restroom Trailers Dallas


Special events are just that ? special ? very special.  They can be extremely emotion-filled where life-changing or life-filled moments are celebrated:  graduations, family reunions, Sweet 16 parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, outdoor weddings, milestone anniversaries, and so many more.   


Regardless of the celebratory ambiance, it is absolutely imperative that guests at your outdoor Dallas festivity have access to restroom facilities that are close, convenient and impressively clean.  This is where special-events restroom trailers, from ChemCan, make their grand entrance!


Special-Events Restrooms are Dressed to Impress!


For half-a-century, ChemCan has accommodated guests at special events in the Dallas area; and our reputation rests on not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them!  You want every detail with your gathering to progress without a hitch; and when ChemCan's special events restroom trailers are included in the planning, you can breathe easy knowing the personal needs of every guest are taken care of ? even before the first guest ever arrives!


Your guests will feel pampered when they take their first step inside our immaculate restroom trailers.  And whether inside or out, they will find amenities that turn 'ordinary' into 'extraordinary':


  • Air vents

  • LED exterior lights

  • Fluorescent ceiling lights

  • Rich cabinetry

  • ?Occupied? lights, at doors

  • Temperature-controlled interiors ? AC and heat

  • Switched exterior porch lights

  • Running water

  • Vanities w/laminated tops and stainless sinks

  • White china/foot-flush stools


ChemCan offers restroom trailers equipped with 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 stalls; and with these types of amenities, your guests will know you went that extra mile to cater to their personal needs.  ChemCan special events restroom trailers are discreet and sophisticated; and your guests will love them. Your gathering will be remembered for the event, itself, as well as for the noticeable thoughtfulness you put into it with ChemCan's restroom facilities!


How Many Units Will You Need?


Our seasoned representatives will be happy to accurately calculate how many restroom units you would need.  When calculating numbers, the most obvious consideration would be the number of guests in attendance. Additionally, it would be important to keep the following considerations, in mind:


  • The restroom's capacity to eliminate long waits

  • Your event's duration

  • The number of guests who would, probably, remain for more than 3 hours

  • More women being in attendance, than men

  • Alcoholic beverages being served


When food and alcohol are available, increased usage of restroom facilities rises by almost 13%.  


Whether your attendance number will be 50 or 500 or more, ChemCan will make sure you have one less thing to think about ? we will be there for you, from beginning to end!


Give Us a Call!


Allow our experienced staff at ChemCan address any inquiries you might have!  All your answers are only a phone call away. One or more portable restroom trailers will help to make your event that much more memorable ?  ChemCan is ready whenever you are!


You can reach our Fort Worth office at:  817-568-2333 or our Dallas office at: 214-935-9017