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Special Event Restroom Rental Grand Prairie

When considering any potential event venue, many factors come into play, from the weather to the desired features of the venue itself. And one of the biggest factors that tends to get overlooked in all the stress of event planning rests with guest comfort. 

And we don?t must mean observing the fire code regulations and making sure the exits are clearly marked. Once safety considerations have been confirmed, what about access to the facilities?

If the answer doesn?t seem a solid yes, a portable restroom may be in order.

Special Event Speciality
And just why would anyone want to rent a portable restroom for a special event, you ask? Because even the most well-stocked venue can benefit from a little extra help when it comes to the facilities. 

When considering bathroom usage, it?s important to keep in mind how many people might need to use the facilities at any given moment. Nobody likes standing in long lines, especially when they could miss out on something exciting by doing so. Don?t plan accordingly, and the special event bathroom line can look like halftime at a football stadium. 

Lone Star Park
An event at a horserace track? Besides the horse race? 
If you want to take advantage of the outdoor/rustic look so tied to the image of the great state of Texas, Lone Star Park can be right up your alley. Capable of hosting events as large as 1,200 guests or as small as 25, this location can provides a classy and fun environment for any event, be it a wedding, high school graduation party, or a reunion.

A portable restroom trailer can also be a huge advantage at this location with any size party, especially if the event calls for the guests on spend any great amount of time outdoors. Having a restroom trailer will allow the guests to save themselves the trip of running back in to find the facilities and spend more time mingling and enjoying themselves.

Ruthe Jackson Center
A venue that offers a little something for everyone, the Ruthe Jackson Center provides ballrooms, conference rooms, and an outdoor garden perfect for weddings or social dances. In addition to these settings, the venue also includes catering to go with the diverse locations on one site.
But don?t let the interior offerings let you believe a portable restroom would not be of use here. Remember the importance of easy bathroom access, and remember to keep in mind how much of a  factor that will be on event day. People can be coming a long distance to partake of the event, and they  should spend the maximum amount of time enjoying themselves rather than searching for the facilities.  

Uptown Theater
 The Uptown Theater can accommodate more than 350 guests in a beautiful indoor environment. Restroom trailers can be of great aid for indoor events like these, as guests will find the need to get some fresh air during the event and augment the onsite bathroom facilities.