Portable Restroom Etiquette – More Appreciated than You Know

Most of us don't, typically, think about etiquette when it comes to portable-restroom usage; but if you DO think about it, there are mannerly behaviors which, when utilized, separate the men from the boys, as the cliché goes, when it comes to thoughtfulness and courtesy.


Here are five practical portable-restroom manners that would demonstrate not only courtesy, but noticeable class:


Be Patient While You Wait

They say, 'patience is a virtue'; and when it comes to having to, possibly,  wait in line, then one should always be ready to be virtuous.  Your event may have enough portable-restrooms to eliminate any wait-lines; but if waiting is an issue, however, cutting in line or saving a spot for someone who was never in line, with you, is frowned upon – rudeness should never be an option.


Be as thoughtful as you would be if you were waiting for a public restroom spot to become available – it's all about demonstrating thoughtfulness for others.


Zero in On What You Need To Do

There is nothing wrong with bringing your cell phone in with you once you secure a stall; but using your phone after you have completed your mission, before you exit, is a definite 'no-no'!  Always assume other guests could be waiting to use the facility.  Others' hearing your conversation through the restroom's closed door would be enough to create a good dose of irritation, on the other side.


The same should hold true for not using this time, once you are done, redoing hair or make-up in front of the restroom's mirror.  Again, it boils down to thinking of other peoples' feelings.  At the very least, open the door to see if anyone needs the facilities; and, if not, spend a few minutes for a quick once-over.  Your consideration would be noticed.


Don't Forget to Display the 'Vacant' Sign

It would be embarrassing, to say the least, to have the restroom's door opened while you sit on the throne, only because the 'vacant' sign was not on display.  It's best not to assume another guest might approach your unit immediately after you close the door.  Some people on planes don't bother to click the vacancy indicator – almost as if to imply they are the only one on board – could be construed as a tad arrogant.  Forgetting, or choosing not, to display the 'vacant' sign is a little thing that can create huge emotional humiliation, if overlooked!


Wash Hands, Once Done

It goes, without saying, that washing one's hands after using a restroom is a must; but not everyone does what is obvious, to most.  Aside from the sanitation issue, thoroughly washing or sanitizing one's hands shows courtesy for other guests.  When you know you will be touching others throughout the course of the event, cleaned hands allows everyone you come in contact with to remain as germ-free, as possible.  Yes, even choosing to clean one's hands can have 'consideration' written all over it.


Leave the Space Clean

We have all entered restroom stalls where paper was strewn about, not to mention unflushed toilets or dirty urinals – could there be any behavior more discourteous and rude?  Children in elementary school are taught to flush after each toilet-use; and it would be nice to think that, as adults, all of us have that basic rule engrained in our brains.  Alas, not everyone does.


Wiping up any 'spills', leaving the seat down, flushing, and drying any wet areas around the sink may sound pretty basic, but it says volumes regarding the level of class reflected on anyone who would spend one minute to ensure the space is as clean-as-can-be for the next guest.


Humorous Restroom Quotes


***  How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are.


***  Please remain seated during the entire performance.


***  My aim is to keep this bathroom clean – your aim, will help.


***  Sprinkles are for cupcakes, not toilets.


***  Wash your hands – no, seriously.


***  Changing the toilet paper roll does not cause brain-damage.


***  Toothbrush:  “I hate my job.”  Toilet Paper:  “Oh, PLEASE!!”