Portable Hand Washing Stations

ChemCan's portable hand washing stations are a necessary and welcomed amenity at any outdoor event, especially where food might be prepared. They are also a convenience at workplaces where running water is not accessible.  

Illness can be minimized with the use of portable hand washing stations.  MRSA and other resistant strains of bacteria become reduced, via the hygienic benefits hand washing stations provide.

ChemCan's self-contained, fully-stocked models are two or four-station units. Their durability can withstand the demands of any sizable event.  Large fresh water tanks, soap dispensers, paper towel racks, complete forearm washing capability, and hands-free foot-pump operation provide your guests with ease of operation in addition to top tier cleanliness.


What To Expect From Our Portable Hand Washing Units


Our ultra-clean, like-new portable hand washing units are meticulously serviced after each use.  Rest assured your rental will arrive in immaculate condition.  Our crew will charge your station upon delivery and dispose of the gray water when your event is complete.

For more than 50 years, Chem Can's goal has been to provide spotless, portable sanitation products to serve the needs of all our Dallas/Fort Worth customers and exceed our clients' expectations.  If you are planning a reunion, a festival, or outdoor event of any type, our mobile hand washing units will complement portable restrooms that may not have on-board sink areas.  You can rest easy knowing maximized hygiene for everyone in attendance will be maintained.       


How Many Portable Hand-washing Units Will You Need?


To determine how many portable hand-washing units you will need, simply refer to the planning guide on this page.  For immediate service, please give our office a call.  We will calculate how many hand-washing units you might need, especially if you are planning a larger event.


 A few considerations should be taken into account:  

  1. How many people will be attending?
  2. How long will the event last?
  3. Will a larger number of guests remain for more than 3 hours?
  4. Will more than 1,000 be in attendance?

You can depend on our experienced crew to deliver, service, troubleshoot, empty and retrieve all hand washing units your event will utilize.     


Give Us a Call


The answers to all your questions are only a phone call away.  Contact our office today; and ask about our free-quote offer. 

You can reach us at our Fort Worth office:  817-568-2333 or our Dallas office: 214-935-9017.