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Luxury Event Restrooms

   Will Your Guests Long Remember the Luxury Restrooms at Your Event?

                                             Yes! ? And Here's Why!


You are planning an outdoor event that is going to be special ? very special!  Is it an elegant outdoor wedding or wedding reception?  Is it a formal, poolside cocktail party?  Or, perhaps, your premier event will be a much-anticipated engagement party or 50th wedding anniversary.  Whatever the reason and whatever the season, you want all the details and logistics of your memorable occasion to fall into place with sheer perfection.  You want the image you portray to ooze of discriminating taste, class, and sophistication.  After all, one never gets a second chance to make a dynamite first-impression!


                        Enter ChemCan's Luxury Portable Restrooms


When it's 'Show Time', it's time for ChemCan's luxury portable restrooms to make their grand entrance!  These beauties offer the kind of restroom experience one would expect in an upscale hotel or fine restaurant.  The amenities in these luxurious latrines are nothing less than impressive ? AC or heat, rich cabinetry, spacious vanities and sinks with running water, flushing commodes, designs that accommodate 10 users, simultaneously, and more!  THESE are the kind of details your guests will long remember!


                                        Excellence and Opulence


ChemCan's standards for excellence are unquestioned, and even our competitors do their best to emulate what we offer in products, services and, customer care.  They may attempt to imitate, but they will never duplicate!


Our company is backed by almost 50 years of service to businesses and families in the Lone Star State who love outdoor events as much as we do.  Regardless of which luxury restroom model you might select, our designs can subtly blend in with any type of outdoor setting.


It doesn't matter if your guest list is fewer than 50 or more than 500, ChemCan will do its part to make sure your guests receive the kind of class, comfort, convenience, and pampering they would never have thought possible from a portable restroom.  Can we say it again? ? Yes, your guests will long remember the thought you put into making them feel at home at your very special gathering.  We'll do all the work and you can enjoy all the compliments ? we won't mind, one bit!


                        Our Luxury Restroom Trailers Have It All!


When it comes to amenities that make a difference, ChemCan's luxury restroom trailers offer premier distinction with models that include:


***  VIP 2 ? Perfect for smaller events ? 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Each side is private w/single foot-flush commode.

Size:  8'L x 6'W not including retractable steps or hitch

Electrical:  (1) 110 v/ 35 amp

Water:  205 gallons waste/104 gallons fresh ? uses standard garden hose water connection


***  Luxury 2 ? Perfect for any event ? 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Each side is private w/single foot-flush commode.  Men's side includes 1 urinal, also.


***  Luxury 3 ? Perfect for any event ?  1 men's & 2 women's entrances.  All 3 rooms are private w/single foot-flush commode.  Men's room includes 1 urinal, also.


***  Luxury 4 ? Perfect for any event ? 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Men's room is private and includes 1 foot-flush commode plus 1 urinal.  Women's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.


***  LUX 7 ? Perfect for larger events ? 1 men's & 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 1 private stall w/ foot-flush commode, plus 3 water-free urinals.  Women's side has 3 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.

Size:  18'L x 8.5'W not including retractable steps or hitch

Electrical:  30-amp cords with 15-amp adapters

Water:  725 gallons on board or city water


***  Luxury 8 ? Perfect for larger events ? 1 men's and 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 2 urinals and 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.  Women's room has 4 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.


***  Luxury 10 ? Perfect for very large events ? 1 men's and 1 women's entrance.  Men's room has 2 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes, plus 3 urinals.  Women's room has 5 private stalls w/foot-flush commodes.


Additional features your VIPS will enjoy and appreciate, include:


***  Stainless-steel sinks w/running water

***  Corian vanities w/mirrors

***  Air conditioning/heat

***  Powered vents

***  LED lights, inside & out

***  'Occupied' lights at each door

***  Vinyl flooring

***  Exterior porch lights

***  Beautiful wood cabinetry

***  Chair-railing and baseboards

***  European-inspired horizontal door-handles

***  Tastefully-decorated interiors


The sleek, roomy interiors are strikingly elegant and will, simultaneously, accommodate 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 or 10 users who may remain inside just to check out the lovely detailing!


                          How Many Units Will You Need?


You can refer to our handy, on-line guide to help calculate the number of portable restroom units your event will require.  You can, also, give our office a call and one of our team members will be happy to do the calculating for you.  Within minutes, you will have a realistic idea of what to expect for your upcoming event.


The number of anticipated guests is the most obvious determiner when figuring the number of units you might need, but other factors should be considered, as well, including:


1.  How long will the event last?

2.  Will the guest list exceed 1,000?

3.  Will more women be in attendance, than men?

4.  How many guests will, likely, remain for more than 3 hours?

5.  Will the restroom(s) have the capacity to eliminate long lines?

6.  Will alcohol be served? ? Medical Daily states that restroom usage can increase by as much as 40% due to alcohol consumption ? surprise, surprise!


Having the correct number of portable restrooms at your event is all about making sure your guests are not forced to wait in line to use them.


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Give ChemCan a call, right now, and we can answer most of your questions right over the phone, within minutes.  By reserving early, you will have access to a more-varied inventory, from which, to select.


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  Making sure guests long remember a special outdoor event is not just our business ? it's our passion!