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Logistical Items Every Carnival Needs

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In order for a massive undertaking, such as a carnival, to operate seamlessly, certain elements must be in place.  Any well-organized carnival should include the following to maximize success, sanitation and safety:


Portable Restrooms

Having readily-accessible bathroom facilities for carnival patrons is an absolute necessity.  When attendees know porta-potties or luxury restroom trailers are in close proximity, they can conveniently tend to their personal needs ? especially if they have children ? and return to the many activities the carnival provides.  When restroom needs arise and no portable toilet facilities are available, guests often leave to find restrooms, elsewhere, and choose not to return.  This translates into lower profit margins.  When a carnival offers clean, basic porta-pottie units with interior hand-sanitizer dispensers and flushing or non-flushing toilets, or whether more-luxurious portable-restroom trailers are on-site, carnival guests are more likely to stay for longer periods of time.


Hand-washing Stations

Hand-washing stations at carnivals provide running water, soap and paper towels and can, also, be equipped with alcohol-based antiseptics; or they may be equipped with alcohol-free antiseptic foam which, according to the CDC, will kill 99% of germs, including E-coli and salmonella.  Hand-washing stations are a cleaning option that should be accessible to everyone, including children and persons with disabilities.  These sanitation kiosks should be strategically-located at, or near, food service and eating areas as well as portable restroom locations.  Hand-washing stations are wonderful supplements when porta-potties are not equipped with soap and running water. 


Hand-washing stations, for employees who handle food at carnivals, ensure that food-borne illnesses can be dramatically reduced.  Food contamination can occur when food servers do not adhere to hand-washing hygiene protocols.  Any hand-washing station for food preparers should be immediately adjacent to any kitchen work-areas.


Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing products are designed for optimized safety in a variety of locales, including carnivals, where certain areas are off-limits to the public.  At carnival venues, certain areas must be kept pedestrian-free to ensure safety; and crowd-control fences and barricades offer the perfect solution.  Various sizes of portable metal or plastic barricades or rolls of mesh materials can, easily, create layouts and configurations for any type of perimeter. 


Crowd-control mesh products, made of plastic or vinyl, transport and install with ease.  These types of products will bend to conform to any shape; they can be cut with a utility knife; and they are completely reusable.  Plastic barricades offer a light-weight, yet highly effective pedestrian-management option that will deploy with ease while offering impressive sturdiness and strength.  With many barricade styles, twin-locking points, at either end, ensure maximized stability and strength.


Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to cater to specific needs ? whether it's a large family reunion, a farmers' market, or a carnival, one can expect a lot of fun, a lot of people and a lot of garbage.  Depending on where any particular roll-off dumpsters might be located at a carnival venue, smaller, mid-sized and larger-sized roll-off dumpsters will cater to every-sized need.  The amount of trash different-sized dumpsters will hold, goes as follows: 

  • 5 cubic yard dumpsters ? hold about 6 carloads
  • 20 cubic yard dumpsters ? hold about 8-10 carloads
  • 30 cubic yard dumpsters ? hold up to 18 carloads
  • 40 cubic yard dumpsters ? hold up to 25 carloads


A well-managed carnival is no accident ? it requires plenty of planning and making sure optimized safety and sanitation goals are top priorities.  When portable restrooms, hand-washing stations, temporary fencing and roll-off dumpsters are available, everyone wins!