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Keeping Porta-Potties Sanitary During Multi-Day Events

Outdoor events in Texas are the epitome of fun ? regardless of your age, the Lone Star State has a number of options for everyone ? farmers' markets, hot-air ballooning, concerts, food festivals, ethnic/cultural celebrations, sports events, outdoor cinemas ? the list could go on and on!  


Many outdoor festivities that are not in close proximity to indoor restrooms rely on Chem Can to provide porta-potties to ensure guests have quick and easy access to restrooms, at a moment's notice.  Many of those same outdoor events cover several days of entertainment such as Cinco de Mayo celebrations, arts & crafts extravaganzas, huge farmers' markets, etc.


So, how do dedicated event planners keep porta-potties sanitary for the duration of their multi-day events?  


1.  Planners, carefully, calculate the number of porta-potties that would be required.  It isimperative that there be enough porta-potties, on-site, to, properly, facilitate the estimated guest count. The last thing guests want is to stand in a seemingly-endless porta-potty line which could tarnish an event's reputation.  If not enough porta-potties are available to cater to the daily crowds, it's easy to predict how the interiors of the porta-potties would deteriorate, due to overuse.


To optimize the cleanliness of every porta-potty, a multi-day event that offers more than four hours of entertainment, per day, should have at least two porta-potties per 100 attendees.  It should be noted, however, that when alcohol is served at events, extra porta-potties should be available. Selecting the correct number of porta-potties for your multi-day event can be discussed with our professionals at Chem Can.  With over 50 years of experience in the sanitation-solutions industry, we are well-versed on aligning porta-potty numbers with the number of anticipated guests.


2.  Planners select only porta-potties that use effective deodorizing products.  Scientifically-engineered chemicals designed for porta-potty use will deodorize as well as sanitize.  Beneficial enzymes and microbes feed on odor-causing bacteria, greatly reducing any unpleasant odors.  Odors can be neutralized and eliminated rather than, just, masked.


Additionally, it is important to select only porta-potty rentals that have sealed waste tanks which trap and hold odors to keep porta-potties smelling far more fresh, for longer periods of time. Utilizing a company of integrity, such as Chem Can, means porta-potties are equipped with non-formaldehyde-based deodorizers that contain 'biocides'.  Biocides do not, simply, mask smells, they keep the odor-causing bacteria from exponentially multiplying. Special liquids can be introduced which reduce the odors of waste for up to seven days!


At Chem Can, we are committed to offering sanitation solutions for multi-day events that are safe, yet effective.


3.  Planners follow mandated guidelines of when and how to dispose of waste.  Waste disposal must be done by professionals who are well-versed on correct disposal measures.  They must follow strict guidelines as set forth by OSHA, the Bureau of Land Management, and others to ensure the health of the environment is not, at all, compromised.  Chem Can would be happy to maintain all your porta-potties being used for multi-day events.


4.  Planners plan their own clean-up crews to handle daily, superficial cleaning.  If scheduled maintenance services are not part of the porta-potty rental agreement, having one's own clean-up crew to wipe down porta-potty interiors is vital.  A product that does wonders to kill surface germs is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and inexpensive, and when sprayed on all types of surfaces, it becomes an instant anti-bacterial/anti-viral powerhouse.


Clean-up crews should, also, make periodic checks, throughout the day/night on each porta-potty unit, to ensure supplies are available and interiors remain clean at all times.  The porta-potty supplier can, also, be contracted to keep porta-potty's clean and sanitary for each given event day. At Chem Can, we will make sure your porta-potties for your multi-day events will be supplied with enough toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels etc, to ensure those necessary items are ready whenever needed.  


Keeping multi-day-event porta-potties sanitary is an absolute must from a hygienic standpoint as well as an economic one.  When porta-potties are kept as clean as possible, your outdoor event will attract more attendees who will, very likely, return every year ? and that means more revenue!