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How Many Portable Restrooms Will My Event Require?

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Planning a large outdoor event for family and friends can be an exciting endeavor; but keeping any stress down to an absolute minimum is key.  Whether the event being planned will be a lovely outdoor wedding, a much-anticipated family reunion, a golf tournament or anything in-between; providing enough portable restrooms is an essential consideration to keep the gathering event running smoothly as well as ensuring the event turns out to be a truly memorable one ? free of unexpected challenges.


Portable restrooms must be positioned on dry, level ground and should be strategically located to ensure all your guests have ease of access, at all times.  Having an accurate estimate of how many will be in attendance is first and foremost when determining the number of portable restrooms your event will require as well as taking into account the duration of the event.  An often-overlooked consideration is alcohol consumption.  Additional portable restrooms should be made available for events where alcohol is served to avoid guests having to wait in line to use a restroom.


Other Considerations

  1. If your event will last for multiple days, use the longest day of the event to determine how many portable restrooms will be required.  
  2. For a multiple-day event, calculate the number of portable restrooms by using the day that will experience the largest anticipated attendance. 
  3. Don't overlook handicap restrooms, also ? for every 20 portable restrooms, add one Handicap Accessible Restroom.
  4. Include additional restrooms for a guest list with more women than men.


Use This Handy Guide


To help you accurately determine how many portable restrooms you will need, refer to the information below:

  1. For 50 guests//event lasting 1-4 hours??...1 portable restroom
  2. For 50 guests//event lasting 5-10 hours??.2 portable restrooms
  3. For 100 guests//event lasting 1-4 hours??.2 portable restrooms
  4. For 100 guests//event lasting 5-9 hours??.3 portable restrooms
  5. For 100 guests//event lasting 10 hours??..4 portable restrooms
  6. For 250 guests//event lasting 1-2 hours??.2 portable restrooms
  7. For 250 guests//event lasting 3-5 hours??.3 portable restrooms
  8. For 250 guests//event lasting 6-7 hours??.4 portable restrooms
  9. For 250 guests//event lasting 8-9 hours??.6 portable restrooms
  10. For 250 guests//event lasting 10 hours??..8 portable restrooms
  11. For 500 guests//event lasting 1 hour???..3 portable restrooms
  12. For 500 guests//event lasting 2 hours???4 portable restrooms
  13. For 500 guests//event lasting 3-5 hours??.5 portable restrooms
  14. For 500 guests//event lasting 6-7 hours??.6 portable restrooms
  15. For 500 guests//event lasting 8-9 hours??.7 portable restrooms
  16. For 500 guests//event lasting 10 hours??..8 portable restrooms
  17. For 1,000 guests//event lasting 1 hour??...5 portable restrooms
  18. For 1,000 guests//event lasting 2 hours??.7 portable restrooms
  19. For 1,000 guests//event lasting 3-4 hours?. 8 portable restrooms
  20. For 1,000 guests//event lasting 5-6 hours?..9 portable restrooms
  21. For 1,000 guests//event lasting 7-8 hours?..10 portable restrooms
  22. For 1,000 guests//event lasting 9-10 hours?.12 portable restrooms


For an event that would include more than 1,000 people, please contact our office; and we will assist you with every detail.

You can reach us at our Ft. Worth Office:  817-568-2333 or our Dallas Office:  214-935-9017.

There is a lot of planning that goes into a large event; so don't let too few portable restrooms jeopardize the complete success of your much-anticipated gathering!