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How to Make Porta-Potties More Inviting

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Over the years, porta-potties have received a bad rap.  Because of that, many people conjure up feelings of apprehension or, even, trepidation if they know they might have to use one.  That is understandable when one considers porta-potties positioned at fairs and outdoor concerts, for example, are often under-maintained or not maintained, at all.


The good news is, companies such as ChemCans who take pride in their portable restroom businesses take pride, also, in how clean and sanitized their portable restrooms are ? it's all about establishing a positive reputation in an arena that is, often, viewed as 'uninviting'.  With all that being said, there ARE ways to ensure visitors at your event ? from family reunions to golf tournaments ? walk away with being impressed with your portable restrooms, even if the facilities are the most-basic, one-person units. 


Here are five things to plan ahead:


Toilet Paper - Nothing, but nothing, would irritate your guests more than doing their duty only to find out little or no toilet paper is available.  Have plenty of TP on hand in a colorful plastic basket inside the unit to ensure  the most-basic necessity is always on hand.


Toilet Seat Covers - Any of us would be hesitant to sit on a toilet seat that might appear 'unkempt'.  Having toilet-seat liners that are readily accessible would make anyone feel more at ease.  Toilet-seat covers are easy to position, sanitary, flushable, septic safe, and are biodegradable.  Your guests would be impressed with your degree of consideration for them by making sure a sanitized seat would be available for every single use.  


Air-Freshener - Keep an air-freshener container in a corner or inconspicuous spot.  Solid air-fresheners would probably be the easiest; though battery-operated fresheners that utilize fragrance cartridges would be the most effective.  Certain brands contain essential oil extracts and come in a variety of aromas, making even the most basic porta-potty a whole lot more inviting.


Sanitizer - If your portable restroom is void of a sink, soap and running water, have a pump container of hand-sanitizer on hand.  According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, alcohol-based hand sanitizers that are 60% alcohol act as a good substitute for eliminating many types of germs if soap and water are not available.


Lighting - No light in the porta-potty? ? No problem!  If a porta-potty will be used during any night-time activities, lighting could be an issue; but there is a very easy way to provide all the light any porta-potty user would need:  push-lights with self-adhesive bases.  These types of lights are perfect for mounting on any inside and/or outside surface of a port-potty; and they deliver a super-bright glow, via, the use of 4 ?AA? batteries.  These lights can be purchased at dollar stores for, you guessed it, only a buck a piece!  Some larger styles are over 5? in diameter while smaller LED styles are about half that size. There may be some people who might view porta-potties in a bad light; but with battery-powered lights on the outside and inside of each of your porta-potty units, guests will feel much more at ease.


These five 'little things' are sure to make any porta-potties appear more welcoming and comfortable, and will make all the difference in the world to enhance your guests' overall experience at your event!