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How to Keep Your Event Tidy

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It's important to think ahead regarding your planned event on how you and others will keep it clean and tidy during the event's duration ? and that would include how to keep the surroundings hygienic, as well.  If your event is business related where profit becomes the bottom line, you know that cleanliness is synonymous with image; and image is everything.  Keeping your event tidy and clean is crucial.  If your event is personal, such as an outdoor wedding, you want the ambiance to represent the epitome of organization and aesthetics.

Regardless of the purpose of your event, you want your attendees to have a safe, comfortable, memorable experience.  Here are a few suggestions on how to ensure your event looks top-notch, from start to finish.


Create a Clean-Up Crew

There is a saying:  ?It takes a village to raise a child?; and there should, also, be a saying regarding keeping your event sanitary and well-kept: ?It takes a team to maintain a neat event?.  One person can't do it all which is why it is important that a crew of several people are directly responsible for your event's continual clean-up.  The number of people designated for clean-up, or maintenance duty would depend on how many people will, probably, be attending the event.  Those who will be picking up trash, emptying trash cans, clearing off tables when needed, being immediately available for any spills or accidents, etc. will be the unsung heroes who will maximize the image of the get-together.


Be Proactive

Outdoor events have one thing in common:  they can be a real drag if it begins to rain.  Be aware of the extended forecast for your vicinity; and if your event will be taking place on a day when rain is likely, invest in one or more tents to combat the wet stuff.  Yes, it is more of a financial investment, but without tents on even a drizzly day, your guests will either not show up, at all, or they will remain for a very short amount of time.  Since tents will keep your event environment from becoming wet, muddy and sloppy, your location can maintain the neatness you desire.  Styles of tents can be casual or sophisticated to cater to the event's 'personality'; and various price points are available.


Offer Portable Restrooms

Your event's setting may be casual or stunning; but the overall impression of any planned occassion can be squelched if guests are forced to find a restroom down the street or in the nearest building ? this is where portable restrooms have an opportune time to make their grand entrance!  If budget limits the use of higher-end portable restrooms, guests will still appreciate the absolute convenience of having one or more smaller restrooms in close proximity, especially guests with young children.  More upscale portable restrooms offer not only flushing commodes, but running water, marble counters, hardwood flooring, air-conditioning, and more.  With higher-end portable restrooms, it's all about posh pampering!


One or more of the clean-up crew can be designated to keeping one or more portable restrooms, spotlessly clean.  Then, there is the option of hiring a restroom attendant, budget permitting.   Again, it's all about maintaining the overall image of your event.  The class your event portrays today, will bring more people back, the next time!