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How to Cut Costs with Your Outdoor Wedding

As magical as an outdoor wedding may feel, the expenses can add up quickly, ultimately draining the bank! Between the flowers, the dress, the food, the music, and more, the expenses that go into a wedding can cause one's finances to take a hasty nose-dive. The key to saving a bundle of cash is to deal with the logistics in such a way that one can have one's wedding cake, and eat it too! In other words, skilled planning and becoming financially savvy can noticeably cut costs. In the end, the bride and groom can feel very good about the savings ? whether they are paying for the wedding or someone else. 


According to the personal-finance news outlet, Kiplinger, the average American wedding in 2018 cost a whopping $33,931!  With a few compromises, however, the bride and groom can, realistically, shave thousands off that exorbitant price tag.  Here are, just, a few suggestions:


1.  Ditch the Wedding Planner


Wedding planners are professionals at making sure the weddings they oversee flow with seamless perfection.  That sounds great, but 'seamless perfection' can be achieved with a little bit of help from wedding-planning websites, such as The Knot and WeddingWire, which offer sound, no-nonsense advice.  With these resources, you can do everything from formulating a wedding budget to choosing the perfect outdoor venue for that very special event.  In the end, you'll love the fact that you can save hundreds or, even, thousands of dollars by cutting this costly corner. 


2.  Cupcakes, Anyone?


Who says a wedding HAS to include a fancy wedding cake?  According to WeddingWire, the average wedding cake costs a hefty $500 ? ouch!  It is true that the time that goes into decorating an elaborate wedding cake is intense, but save that expense for those who have no problem with half-a-grand being, literally, consumed within minutes. 


As a sweet alternative, make up a heaping batch of yummy cupcakes.  Friends and relatives can take part in the fun of making them, and the icing can be added a few hours before the ceremony.  By using frosting nozzles, the tops of cupcakes can be gorgeously topped within minutes. Sprinkle some candy confetti on top, and voile ? your savings just topped the charts!  Also, your cupcakes will add a splash of eye-catching color!


3.  Re-think Catering 


According to everafterguide, the average cost expended for each guest's wedding meal comes in at $30 per plate for a buffet-style venue, and that is on the conservative side.  If you multiply that by 200 guests, one can shell out $6,000 just for food ? and that does not include any drinks!  Yes, weddings are expensive, but your food bill doesn't have to be. 


Here's a great alternative:  rent a fun food truck that would cater to a certain theme. You can take your pick:


*** tacos @ $10-$18/person

*** burgers @ $12-$20/person

*** pizza @ $12-$20/person

*** seafood @ $18-$25/person or

*** BBQ @ $10-$20/person  


Roaming Hunger tells us that the average cost of catering a wedding for 2019 comes in at $70/guest.  When compared to everafterguide, Roaming Hunger's calculation is, obviously, on the less conservative side.  Nonetheless, when you do the math regarding the cost of a food truck, the savings is quite stunning!


4.  Fetch Faux Floral


A bride's bouquet, as well as the wedding party's flowers, can run into hundreds of dollars when one utilizes real flowers from a florist.  BRIDES shares some revealing expenses:  Bridal Bouquet: upwards of $350 ? Bridesmaid Bouquets:  upwards of $125 ? Boutonnieres: upwards of $45 ? Pin-on Corsages:  upwards of $48, etc.  


Fortunately, faux flowers for brides are in vogue, and the selections of silk or soft-latex flowers are stunning and far less expensive than the real deal.  Floral departments at major hobby outlets offer a dizzying array of stunning flowers of all types that can be intertwined to create gorgeous bouquets filled with Peonies, Garden Roses, Snap-Dragons and more.  


Bridesmaids can carry a single, long-stemmed flower such as a silk or latex Calla Lily or a single, over-sized Rose surrounded by silk greenery.  The bottom line is: you can save a ton of money by utilizing faux floral selections, and no one would ever care if you did ? and, your bouquet would never wilt! 


5.  Opt for More-Basic Portable Restrooms


Your outdoor wedding will, certainly, need portable bathrooms to accommodate your guests' needs.  Luxury restroom trailers offer the epitome of elegance when it comes to amenities: flushing toilets, vanities with large mirrors, sinks with running water, AC & heat, private stalls, and so much more.  


If, however, your budget is geared for more-modest options, ChemCan offers a variety of very affordable alternatives!  Even some of our simpler designs include flushing commodes, but whichever model you might choose, your portable restroom will be delivered spotlessly clean!  Your outdoor wedding event will be that much more successful when discreet portable restrooms from ChemCan are there to offer the comfort, class, and convenience your wedding VIPs deserve!   


And as a final note:  What can the bride and groom DO with all that saved money? ? Use it to pay for a romantic get-away!


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