Planning for a larger event can feel a lot easier when you know who will be providing the portable restroom facilities for your guests.  Whether you are considering an outdoor wedding, school or family reunion, a church social, or a sporting event, ChemCan provides flushing portable restrooms that will add a touch of distinction to any get-together.  Comfort, security and immense convenience will await your guests at your next event; and it is guaranteed your foresight for their needs will be appreciated.


Image matters; and for more than half a century, ChemCan has been the trusted name in portable restroom facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Immaculate facilities is our product; and exceeding clients' expectations is our goal.     


Your Guests will Love Our Flushing, Portable Restrooms!


As with all our portable restroom facilities, our flushing units are spotless and completely sanitized.  The hands-free, fresh-water flushing system within these units is an amenity that guests will not take for granted, in addition to the spacious interiors.


Whether your event is a small backyard get-together or a large festival or corporate event, ChemCan is here for you as Dallas/Fort Worth's first-call solution for personal-attendance needs.       


Determining the Number of Units You Will Need


To determine how many units you will need, refer to our restroom planning guide included on this page or speak, directly, with one of our agents.  For larger events, especially, it can be difficult to accurately determine how many units might be required.  A variety of details should be taken into consideration when determining a number, such as:  

  1. How many people will be attending?
  2. How long will the event last?
  3. Will a larger number of guests remain for more than 3 hours?
  4. Will the guest-list exceed 1,000?
  5. Will more women be in attendance, than men?
  6. Will alcoholic beverages be served?

Our crew will deliver, set up, and haul away – we do all the work so you don't have to!      


Contact Us Today


The answers to any of your questions are only a phone call away!  Contact us today; and ask about about our free-quote offer, as well. 


You can reach us at our Fort Worth office:  817-568-2333 or our Dallas office: 214-935-9017.