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Events in Fort Worth Where You're Bound to Find Porta-Potties

Fort Worth is a thriving part of the DFW metroplex; and like Dallas, offers a wonderful selection of cultural and recreational choices for residents, out-of-town guests, and tourists, alike.  International art institutions like the Kimbell Art Museum, the Fort Worth Stockyards ? home to exciting rodeos, the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and a slew of other entertainment venues, reflect Fort Worth's cultural richness and its tradition of offering something for everyone.


Out of the many fun-filled events, from which, one can choose, there are many that depend on porta-potties to meet the needs of guests as well as ensure complete sanitation for the duration of the event.  In fact, a variety of special events held in Fort Worth would not be allowed, by the city, to function unless porta-potties were in place.  Here is a quick overview of five very popular events in Fort Worth where you are bound to find porta-potties conveniently located, ready to do what they are meant to do.


The Main Street Arts Festival

Downtown Fort Worth is proud to present its Main Street Arts Festival, each year, which is a fine-art showcase that expands an entire mile.  In fact, white tents extend more than 9 continuous blocks.  Here, you can browse art that ranges from sculptures to paintings, with more than 200 artists, on hand, to answer questions.  Also, you will enjoy live music, watch street performances and satiate your palate with an eclectic selection of delicious food ? tasty morsels such as crawfish, bratwurst, gourmet hamburgers, funnel cakes, ice cream, and more! 


Though pets are not allowed, admission is free, and free water stations are located at strategic spots to help support and raise awareness for water conservation.  As if that were not accommodating enough, if you choose to bike to this event, the Main Street Arts Festival utilizes Bicycles Inc which will park your bikes, free of charge, at their Bike Valet, centrally located at 4th and Houston Streets.    



Mayfest is something Fort Worth locals gear up for every year, held in Fort Worth's Trinity Park where 33 acres are filled-to-the-brim with excitement.  Carnival rides are the classic, of course, but a galore of kid activities, live music and a fun-run make this event one you will mark on your calendar every year!  Mayfest is recognized as the party of parties in Fort Worth; and one especially endearing activity, here, is pet adoptions where cats and dogs that have no family are yearning for their forever home with someone to love them.  If you savor art and craft items, you will be amazed at the 60+ vendors who offer an eclectic and overwhelming display of one-of-a kind gifts and wares.



The ArtsGoggle of Fort Worth is a big deal and is known as a community-focused festival of the arts held in the city's Near Southside, a revitalized urban neighborhood.  In this historic locale of elegance and urbanism, ArtsGoggle offers its family-friendly events twice a year; and the event attracts large crowds who are as diverse as the neighborhood, itself.  Aside from celebrating art of all types, Arts Goggle showcases an impressive program of performance art and music. In 2016, ArtsGoggle featured more than 90 bands; and many of those band members live or work in the Near Southside.  Attendees can not only appreciate the art, but learn about the talents within the community who contribute a good share of the featured pieces.  Music from a variety of cultures and styles adds to the colorful, energized ambiance you can, almost, taste.  Everywhere you go you will encounter incredibly-talented individuals who cater to every artistic endeavor from jewelry-making to glass blowing.   Amazingly, admission is free!


The All Western Parade

Everyone loves fun; and the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is a fun-filled extravaganza which has become legendary for the city of Fort Worth.  This annual event is held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center; but outdoor activities are sponsored by the Fort Worth Stock Show, as well.  One, in particular is the All Western Parade which takes place in Downtown Fort Worth.  The stock show's parade draws in more than 100,000 guests at each event who line the streets as horses and wagons of all types make their journey.  Additionally, face painters and balloon artists are on hand to amuse everyone between the ages of 2 and 92.


Scarborough Renaissance Festival

If you wish to travel back in time to the days of 16th Century court jesters, knights, kings and queens, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival would be right up your cobblestone alley!  This special event is held in Waxahachie, Texas ? about 30 minutes south of Fort Worth.  This unique event will keep you captivated with 24 stages of entertainment including full-combat jousting, Birds of Prey exhibition, a human chess match, the mermaid lagoon, and more.  Younger children will be enthralled with a parade, rides and games.  As you walk through the gates of Fort Worth's Scarborough Festival, you enter a different existence where you will view a 1700's setting filled with lords and ladies in colorful costume and elaborate hairstyles of the time period.


Food is always a centerpiece for most events where larger crowds gather; and at Fort Worth's Renaissance Festival you can savor chocolate-dipped strawberries, cupcake cones, crab and cream cheese ravioli, salmon with goat-cheese crepes,and Jaeger snitzchel.   



Regardless of the event, it is porta-potties that keep the expanse of any event, of any size, sanitary and clean.  The convenience of porta-potties at events, such as these, is worth is weight in gold!