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Events in Dallas Where You're Bound to Find Porta-Potties

Dallas could, indeed, be considered a city that has it all!  This robust locale is filled with energy and diversity, and offers a plethora of family-friendly cultural and recreational options.  Among the smorgasbord of choices that provide all the fun and excitement, one will find a slew of attractions that rely on porta-potties to meet the needs of the people, as well as contribute to optimized sanitation.


Have you ever wondered what would happen at large, outdoor events if porta-potties were not available?  There are a variety of special events in Dallas that, legally, would not be permitted to operate without porta-potties, in place.  Here is a quick synopsis of several extremely popular events in this part of the Lone Star State where you are bound to find porta-potties, doing what they need to do.


Uptown Family Fest


If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the upcoming spring weather, you will, definitely, want to take part in Dallas' annual Uptown Family Fest at West Village on McKinney Ave. this totally-fun event offers a feast of fun for the kiddies and the young-at-heart.  In the past, families have loved the petting zoo, face painting, balloon artists, stilt walkers, street dancers, clowns and photo booths.  The the great thing is, its free!


Bastille on Bishop


The Bishop Arts District of Dallas celebrates the French holiday, Bastille Day, with its annual event called 'Bastille on Bishop' ? a family-friendly festival where one can enjoy French wine, delicious food, live music, a market, and a petanque court in the middle of Bishop Avenue.  The term 'petanque' refers to a French game, more than 100 years old, where hollow steel balls are rolled as close as possible to a small wooden ball, while standing inside a circle.  The Bishop Arts District of the North Oak Cliff neighborhood boasts of being home to the largest French celebration in Texas!   


Texas Veggie Fair


Yes, even in Texas, not everyone eats the beef, so the Texas Veggie Fair offers all-things-veggie for those who can't get enough of the foods that are the color of the rainbow.  One interesting side-note about the Texas Veggie Fair is the fact it is organized by an all-volunteer team.  Be ready to immerse yourself in the live music, food, games & activities, as well as shop for clothing and hardware from local vendors; and the kiddies get lots of free items.  Just go to Dallas' Reverchon Park in Oak Lawn..  If you are hankering for a 'cold one', you'll love the beer tent.  One nice thing about the Texas Veggie Fair is you can bring your dog!  This event is so popular, as many as 12,000 people attended in 2017.


Dallas Margarita Meltdown


If you love margaritas, you will love the Dallas Margarita Meltdown!  Did you know it was Dallas that invented the frozen margarita? ? so the story goes.  If frozen margaritas are your fave or if a margarita on the rocks soothes your soul, you'll need to head to downtown Dallas and sample margaritas from dozens of entrants.  Once you decide which concoction best suits your buds, you can vote which one takes the cake as the most-flavorful.  The live music, food, and the pet-friendly environment make for an ambiance of total enjoyment.


The State Fair of Texas


Porta-pottys are a must at The Texas State Fair, which is recognized as Dallas' signature event.  Each year, fair lovers congregate here for the sights, sounds and smells of everything 'country' and 'all things Texan'.  Promoting agriculture, education, quality entertainment, and community involvement are what The Texas State Fair, wholeheartedly, represents.


Every year, since 1866, Dallas' historic Fair Park has hosted this coveted event; and this gathering is continuously recognized as one of America's most-highly attended fairs in the United States.  In 2017, The State Fair of Texas welcomed about 2.25 million guests and the fair generated about $54.5million in gross coupon sales for food, beverages and rides.


Thanks to porta-pottys being readily available at larger outdoor events, sanitation is kept at a premium, and people never have to leave the event to find a restroom.  Porta-potties truly are unsung heroes!